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An inflatable mattress designed specifically to enjoy at the pool or on the beach or on water. Term used in the UK for over 50 years for an airmattress, often used as an airbed for camping as well as for fun on water.
FLOATING DOWN THE Oparara River on a rubber Lilo in the heat of summer, you could easily fancy yourself to be in the heart of Borneo.
by Mad Johnny June 12, 2006
Corruption of the UK english word lilo used generically as an inflatable airbed specifically for the beach or pool and to float on water. Known in USA as inflatable raft or pool raft.
1. Yip thats right we doing a lylo contest, so bring any inflatable rafts along to the conference and we we be seeing who can get the biggest barrel
2. I'l bring my lylo from holiday. It's banter after all - sorry to butt in, but the lylo thing got me thinking. why did people used to take inflatable . . .
3.And the inflatable boat . Return to Main Area | Report post to a mod | IP : Logged ... Them Lylo things too ( sorry about spelling )
4. Gumpy they thought that he might let them on his inflatable lylo. So they went up to Mr. ... He said can I go on the inflatable lylo? He said Yes said Mr. ...
5. - Proper word - One Turkish couple were recently rescued while trying to paddle across the Channel on a lilo.
by Mad Johnny June 14, 2006

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