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sweet secretion from the male reproductive ogran used in college games, cooking and facial art.
Wipe that jizzum off your face bitch! i dont wanna snowball!
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
short for half retard and more fun too use
Whos the fucking Halftard who said "HEY, let's market Coldplay! Yeah that'd be a great idea!"
by Mad Jester December 16, 2004
When a woman proceeds to consume a rice bowl of jizzum after it has been filled by numerous dumb bastards who should have just stuffed it in her ass.
Close your eyes and drink this honey. Its a new dish from china called a chef henry.
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
submissive degradeing sexual act where one vigorously licks a penis letting mass amount of spit drip n fall.
shlob my nob you ugly ass pig fuckin beyach!!!!
by MAD Jester August 26, 2003
A frat game in which a cracker dangles from a string as several horny bastards proceed to ejaculate on it. The first to miss the cracker with his jizzum must consume it.
Man! that was a fun game of string and cracker. Yippikayay!!!! I need some listorine
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
After oral sex a couple, or triple, or several deep kiss eachother mixing the secretion.
i didn't know what she meant by snowball until i tasted it
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003
One who aside from being pathetic and annoyng, show many gay traits amd usually has a high squeeky voice.
Adam Mathews is a hardcore uberfag to the max!!!!
by Mad Jester August 10, 2003

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