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Ah, the Peg,Winnipeg. Winterpeg. -51C with windchill in the winter, +49C with the humidex in the summer. Bands aplenty, mosquitoes aplenty and more gangbangers than you can shake a stolen car at.
To go Banger-spottingin winnipeg, just drive or ride through either the north end or Maryland and Langside.
The latter is sometimes refered to as Scaryland and Gangside. This may aid you in your Banger-spotting endevours.
Pegger 1>I was going to work last week and my Banger-spotting was interupted by severe bloodloss and unconciousness.
Pegger 2>You got shot?
Pegger 1>No. Mosquitoes. I'll never forget my repellent again.
Pegger 2>Serves you right, you stupid limey.This is winnipeg.
by Mad English December 07, 2007
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