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The best place to go if you want reruns of every cartoon ever made before 1981 (only a few of which don't suck ass), gay faggot shows such as "Cow and Chicken", reruns of wastes of ink and film that are ACTUALLY called modern cartoons, reruns of DisNAZI...er...Disney films, and of course, horribly "edited" versions of anime which will be rerun at the halfway point because Cartoon Network was too cheapass stingy to buy the whole fucking series. And, of course, 60 hours of DragonBall Z every goddamn week(even though Dragonball is anime, it's in a seperate category thanks to Cartoon Network's broadcasting it to death).
Cartoon Network is pure shit that satisfies the Soccer Mom's sick vision of Thought Policing every hman being on the planet.
by Mad Cat MechWarrior May 16, 2003
Too bad France still hasn't begun to sell them yet, for fear of being nuked.
I wonder if FuckBush fries taste better than freedom fries.
by Mad Cat Mechwarrior July 10, 2003
A fucked up menace to humanity that sues people just for whistling the "Happy Birthday" song while allowing Puff Daddy to make millions of dollars from ripping off other people's songs.
Some representatives of the RIAA ruined my birthday party by arresting my relatives and taking away my karaoke radio.
by Mad Cat MechWarrior February 19, 2003
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