23 definitions by Mad Snake

the small pieces of poo that stick to your butt hairs and dry.
I had dangle berries last night.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
the roll of fat that people tuck into their pants so as to make their stomachs look smaller.
Check out Melville's doonbag.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
an item of clothing worn in the intention to cover up ones genitalia. This word may also be used at random intervals where words suiting the siutation cannot be found.
Look, he is wearing pants.
Someone said, "Go away Campbell." Campbell replied, "Go, Go crank it up your pants."
"Look I have an apple." "Well.......You and your pants have an apple."
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
When you go to the toilet in the morning and while wiping your butt the toilet paper rps and you get poo on your fingers.
I had a day break this morning.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
To go to the toilet and do a poo.
I'm going to bomb Pearl Harbour.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
Another way of saying, "As if!!" or "Your full of it."
"I just bought a Ferrari Enzo", "Oh, get your hand off it."
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
a word to describe someone or something really cool. it can also be a word that you can say when someone is blabbering on about something wierd.
WOW, that's awthom!!
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006

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