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someone who drinks so much soda (pepsi in perticular) they can't fit anything else but empty soda cans on their bedside desk
"dood WTF is wit all dis pepsi. ur gunna becuma pepsiholic"
by Macoockeron March 24, 2008
someone who has played the impossible quiz so many times they memorized it.
"guess wut!!!"
"ur sucha impoquizler!!"
by Macoockeron March 24, 2008
someone who carries their ipod everywhere with them and won't stop listening to it even when you talk to them.
you:"hey, did you see the game last night?"
ipodadic:"o sry, i wus listnin to myze ipod"
by Macoockeron March 24, 2008
a random person or a friend of yours, maybe even sum1 u hate that follows you around and agrees with everything you say and do. AKA yesman
you:"lets go to the park"
copler:"yah, lets go to the park!!"
you:"naw lets not"
copler:"yah you're right i dun wanna go to the park"
copler:"what do u wan 2 do now!!?!!"
by Macoockeron March 24, 2008
when your friends come into your house and take off their shoes and you can smell the stink so bad you want them out of your house.
Aw, dood, ur shank is so bad! put ur shoes away!!
by Macoockeron March 24, 2008

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