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One who is passionate about firearms.

They eat, sleep, and dream firearms.
I'm a registered Gunophile....
by Macky T November 30, 2007
To release fecal matter from your rectum.
I went to the restroom for a rectal purge session.
by Macky T November 25, 2006
A bastardly outragious action or comment.
That guy was bastagious enough take my cookies!
by Macky T November 25, 2006
To Get Fucked Over or Boned on anything
Dammit! I just got gooch slapped by Wal-Mart.
by Macky T May 20, 2008
A rather large female specimen that wears clothing that is "slightly" too small for them.
"Wow dude you see that scuba bitch over there?"

"Yeah man what a f'in seal"
by Macky T December 07, 2006
A blending of Gag and terrific. Meaning beyond Nasty.
Dude: Man you see that fat chick over there.
Dude2: Yeah man shes gagorific.
by Macky T December 07, 2006
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