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A make of glue that tastes and smells like marzipan. Dodder once acclaimed it as being, "The tastiest form of school equipment since the calculator."
Often used for having races, everyone winds their Gloy to the bottom of the tube, then races to the top until the actual gloy and lid fall off.

Recently became the second sponsor of Amateur Football Club, Cabana FC.
Mrs Bowland, Pratty is crying because he got "Gloy" in his Hair.

Mrs Bowland, Mackroy covered a pencil in "Gloy" and dropped it on the floor, asked Marko to pick it up for him but he got "Gloy" on his hand and threw it at Callum who stuck the pencil in Becca's hair. Now Becca is upset.
by Mackroy September 19, 2006

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