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3 definitions by Mackmeezy

A term originated in California meaning to get,hear,taste, some of something.
1)Damn gangsta did you get a bar of that new e-40 Cd yet??? Blood That shit is knockin!!!

2)Damn! didn't sergio get a bar from tinisha too?

3)Let cha brimfolks get a bar of dat sandwich.
by Mackmeezy February 22, 2007
A San Diego Blood term meaning to fight.
Man I saw yo' brother...blood was finna blang'em wit' some crab nigga.
by Mackmeezy February 22, 2007
A term used in San Diego when reffering to a member of a california street gang called the Brims, which is a blood gang.
Ay blood here go mah number when u get a chance holla at cha Brimfolks.
by Mackmeezy February 22, 2007