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A town in northern central Queens County, NY. Frushing is home to Queens College of The City University of New York, and, in recent years, has been an epicenter of Asian (esp. Chinese and Korean) immigration and human trafficking. Formerly known as "Flushing", the town's name was officially changed by the New York City Council in 1992, in order to reflect the town's recent annexation by China earlier that year. Frushing is home to myriad H1-B visa computer workers, bicycle delivery persons, and massage parlor "sex workers", many of whom work "off the books", and for sub-standard pay, and whose presence thereby solidifies Frushing's geopolitical importance as a center of crypto-fascist corporate hegemony and economic globalism. Frushing's previous name, Flushing, is associated with an oppressive, racist, Eurocentric, sexist, homophobic, exclusionary, hateful, and non-epicanthic Caucasian regime, which brutally conquered the area sometime during the late 1600s. The last native-born American resident of Frushing, Mr. Arthur "Boo" Radley, passed away in 1999, at the age of 86.
1. "When I allive in United States of Amelica, I hope to rive in Frushing."

2." Damnit, J.B.! Have you seen the quarterlies regarding the Information Technology department!? Some of those arrogant American bastards make as much as I do! Who ARE these guys, anyway? We gotta have some layoffs. Get rid of these high paid jerks, and let's get some new IT guys from Frushing who will be more compliant and work for less money."
by Mackley April 02, 2007

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