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2 definitions by Mackerrrrz

Somebody, almost always male, who is incredibly adorable, attractive and cool, or the ultimate of them all.
Usually someone famous, it applies to fictional characters too, eg. in books or films.
To refer to someone as your uber-hunk means "I think they're beyond cool, and if I had my way I would like to bed or marry them in the near future."
Coined by PhoebesD.
"OMG I love the nerdy guy in that film so much!!! When he was dancing! Hahahaha he's sooo funny. He's my uber-hunk!!"
by Mackerrrrz June 21, 2006
5 2
An adjective to describe something amazing, brilliant, terrific, smashing, great.
Combines fabulous and fantastic.
Coined by PhoebesD in December 2003 when she couldn't think of a word to describe me.
"Dear X, have an absolutely fandabbydosie birthday!! Love Y"
by Mackerrrrz June 21, 2006
3 13