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male genitalia. See also {cock} {rod} {swizzle stick}
When you {corhnole} someone with your fuckbone you might get {shitdick}
by Mackdaddy61 February 24, 2005
Term refers to a fart that starts off normal but takes a turn for the worse when it sounds like gurgaling towards the end.
Dude, you just drowned a fucking duck.
by Mackdaddy61 February 24, 2005
Stupid game in greater Cincinnati area, where teams of two try to throw a bean bag in a hole of a wooden box. Game is played like horshoes. Makes me laugh everytime someone says it because it reminds me of butt-fucking.
Hey do your cornhole? You have no idea bitch.
by Mackdaddy61 February 24, 2005
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