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1. A versatile adjective for anything that is extreme
2. Noun, a fat person
3. Adjective for when you feel fat
1. This cheeseburger is macka awesome OR you are a macka loser
2. Dude, that chick was such a macka its disgusting
3. I'm feeling macka today, my jeans wont fit
by MackaFatty July 02, 2006
1. a versatile word that can illustrate any emotion
2. a word used when you feel fat
3. expresses laziness
4. ends sentences when you dont know what to say
1. (HAPPINESS) ahmackamackamacka, this cheeseburger is macka awesome
(SORROW) She pissed me off, a mackamackamacka
2. ahmackamackamacka, i ate a lot ahmacka
3. i dont wanna ahmackamackamacka
4. so my mom was bitching at me the other day and she was all like sarah clean your room, do the dishes, walk the dog, ahmackamackamacka
by MackaFatty July 02, 2006
1. noun - a baby that has two relations, ie both your grandkid and your neice.
1. Yea, Mary's son married her brother and had a kid, its a kentucky baby cuz its both her neice and her grandkid.
by MackaFatty July 07, 2006

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