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A commonly used term around Austin to refer to keeping the faith and being proud to be homosexual. Homosexual Texans adorn t-shirts showing their unwillingness to be afraid of what anyone thinks. Their logo is universally known and is a symbol of "since the womb" and is in the shape of a females UTerus.
Charlie, Jeff and Kirk make no efforts to hide their true feeling. They are Texas Strong and united in their fight to promote their ideals and lifestyle.
by Mack the knife January 16, 2014
A real drama queen who is self absorbent, loves to tell lies and cries easily in front of his subordinates. He loves to talk about himself and thinks he is the BEST.

"Did you see that grown man crying, he went all muhmmad abdul rahman on us! "
Did you see the boss crying at the meeting this morning, he went all muhammad abdulrahman on us!
by Mack the Knife May 31, 2015
Interesting, and/or attractive.
Sandra is so nice and smart and beautiful, she is totally gusting.
by Mack The Knife November 25, 2006
A short guy with no neck who is the office bitch. He follows around girls with names like Rabab and lets them drive his car.
Just give it to him to do - he's the office khalil.

Khalil loves to find out what Rabab is wearing to work.
by Mack the Knife May 31, 2015

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