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2 definitions by Mack B305

a very friendly insult. Usually given to one of your peers with a smile on your face.
"watchu doin chump?"
"cause you my brother chump"- Lil Wayne
by Mack B305 March 29, 2008
20 29
a not so good lookin girl. she doesnt even have to be ugly. she might just not be your type. you know, that type a girl that makes you cut your throat with ya fingers to let your friends know what kinda girl she is. you get it???
nigga1-"yo nigga whats that girl like?"
nigga2-"*cuts his throat"
nigga1-"oh shit nevermind"
nigga3-"oh that bitch a cut throat?"
by Mack B305 March 29, 2008
19 47