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1. To masturbate excessively, to the point pubic hair is ripped out and the wiener remains sore for at least 1.5 hours.

2. To perform drums on a street corner for a small amount of cum from passers-by.
1. I cum-drummed so hard semen poured out of my nose.

2. Don't judge me! This is what I do! You are so ungrateful; I play beautiful music and you can't spare a drop of cum!
by Mack B May 21, 2008
high quality cocaine
I'm takin' this white cash to the motherfucking bank, bitch!
by Mack B May 21, 2008
One who busts/likes chodes. A person may be referred to casually as a chodebuster if they often talk about busting chodes, if they are socially inept, if they are sexually inept, or if their first name is David, Davo, Davidson, Dave, or Davy (sometimes Darryl)
Matthew: Sup fucktard? Here's the dealio--my girl goes on and on about chodes...

Jonathan: Man, get your ass away from that bitch! I'll bet anything she's a chodebuster!
by Mack B May 21, 2008
A less recognized, but more acute diagnosis of a "vanillaface" affected by some personality disorder suggesting, but not limited to, the participation in activities prominently attributed to African-Americans and/or the belief that he/she has African heritage and is black. This is a term describing mental illness and is not to be confused with the derogatory term "wigger".
SON: Yo ma, i gots sum to tell ya'll.
MOTHER: Yes, sweetie?
SON: The doc says my nigga self is niller.
MOTHER: Oh my God! Is it contagious?


I hate those damn nillers.
by Mack B May 21, 2008
He's probably your father.
Only those who wish to have their skin peeled off with their dead children's teeth, be eaten alive by a giant ant, and then be burned with lightning and a magnifying glass should ever utter the name Chuck Norris.


by Mack B May 21, 2008

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