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34 definitions by Mack

Chern: Providing maximum overkill on one's vehicle. i.e. the best of the best.
"he cherned that to the MAX! Chermax"
by Mack October 15, 2007
3 26
Bryan kowalyk.
see turkey smuggler
see stalker
Bryan kowalyk stole my turkey.
Bryan kowalyk loves the cock.
by Mack November 07, 2003
4 39
jewish skin that german soldiers used as lampshades.
i skinned crum and mcnac and made them into a lampshade
by mack January 18, 2004
26 62
Bryan Kowalyk
greg Loves bryan kowalyk
by Mack November 07, 2003
8 44
satan's bible. contains astrology secrets, info on the fallen angel armies on earth today,etc.
i have a copy of the necronomicon in my bedroom closet......
by mack April 06, 2004
4 46
Taking a dump on someone's chest.
Instead of the cleveland steamer, he gave her a crum shot.
by mack January 18, 2004
10 70