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Chern: Providing maximum overkill on one's vehicle. i.e. the best of the best.
"he cherned that to the MAX! Chermax"
by Mack October 15, 2007
jewish skin that german soldiers used as lampshades.
i skinned crum and mcnac and made them into a lampshade
by mack January 18, 2004
Bryan kowalyk.
see turkey smuggler
see stalker
Bryan kowalyk stole my turkey.
Bryan kowalyk loves the cock.
by Mack November 07, 2003
Bryan Kowalyk
greg Loves bryan kowalyk
by Mack November 07, 2003
satan's bible. contains astrology secrets, info on the fallen angel armies on earth today,etc.
i have a copy of the necronomicon in my bedroom closet......
by mack April 06, 2004
Taking a dump on someone's chest.
Instead of the cleveland steamer, he gave her a crum shot.
by mack January 18, 2004

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