34 definitions by Mack

a term used to describe a good situation
"did you get that ride?"


by mack July 18, 2006
The end of it all, where you lose everything dear in life....the point where you are jaded forever.
My best friend broke up with his girlfriend, and now he's driving on Road 22.
by Mack October 23, 2004
a form of hydroponically grown marijuana that gets the smoker so high he/she starts to experience mild hallucinations
say dog, you got the bud?

yo, dude. i got that drocus pocus!

well, shoot... lets fire it up then
by Mack June 26, 2006
Means "sike," "gotcha," etc.
Check out this cool million dollas I got.... SHABARK!
by Mack November 21, 2003
Slang term for black twizzlers.
Holmes, pass me a nizzler quick so I can nozzle Shawntay.
by Mack March 01, 2005
someone (male) whose name you don't know.
Catch ya later mack
by Mack November 12, 2003
Brunch served at a french restaurant.
Let's do frunch at Lou Lou's in Fort Greene. Their oeufs d'├ępinards plate is excellent.
by Mack April 05, 2004

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