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34 definitions by Mack

a term used to describe a good situation
"did you get that ride?"


by mack July 18, 2006
a form of hydroponically grown marijuana that gets the smoker so high he/she starts to experience mild hallucinations
say dog, you got the bud?

yo, dude. i got that drocus pocus!

well, shoot... lets fire it up then
by Mack June 26, 2006
a version of "nice" or "thats chill". used when something dope takes place
peep this. i just got tickets to the game

by mack June 17, 2006
Means "sike," "gotcha," etc.
Check out this cool million dollas I got.... SHABARK!
by Mack November 21, 2003
Slang term for black twizzlers.
Holmes, pass me a nizzler quick so I can nozzle Shawntay.
by Mack March 01, 2005
someone (male) whose name you don't know.
Catch ya later mack
by Mack November 12, 2003
Brunch served at a french restaurant.
Let's do frunch at Lou Lou's in Fort Greene. Their oeufs d'épinards plate is excellent.
by Mack April 05, 2004