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A really hot girl from my school.
Wow, look at Yolie today......she's so hot!
by Mack October 21, 2004
(adapted from Erowid.org)

A fungus that infects cereal grains, forming small black masses of material that replace many grains of the plant; source of medicinal alkaloids and of ergotamine, a precursor of LSD.
Ergot fungus was the cause of the phenomena St. Anthony's Fire.
by Mack June 18, 2004
To come in late, work from home, or work "virtual". ie. Avoid work if at all possible
"I pulled a Durick the other day"
by Mack December 10, 2004
Means a little boys penis in finnis
pojan pippeli- boys little penis
by mack February 25, 2005
the tiny remains of fecal matter around your anal hole after emptying out
dang, I layed down for a nice hot bath this morning, and i think i swallowed some floating boody crumbs...
by Mack October 24, 2004
a term used to describe an ideal situation.
are yall comin over later to kick it?

you know it.

by mack June 17, 2006
The end of it all, where you lose everything dear in life....the point where you are jaded forever.
My best friend broke up with his girlfriend, and now he's driving on Road 22.
by Mack October 23, 2004

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