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An unfortunate act conducted by a bug or insect who just can't deal with the pressures of life anymore
The deleted alternate ending to "A Bug's Life" was a mass insecticide led by the morbidly obese caterpillar... It was pretty badass
by Macho Man Randy Sandwich February 01, 2010
1) Basically wtf. This deviation is derived from ye olde englishe version of fuck (fook) and also has indian roots in the vav (ask chuck norris jr.) This phrase is suitable for any and all wtf-worthy situations.
2) A person so unutterably wtf-able that he must not be named... except by this name
Greg: "I'm gonna go take a shyett."
Vav T. Fook: "Vav T. Fook!! You took a shyett foive minutes ago, that's not noiice!"
by Macho Man Randy Sandwich September 09, 2010
This sinister act requires two females with a combined weight of 450 lbs, a skinny male, preferably one with a high pitched pansy-ass voice, and a total of 2 mustaches and 2.5 beards among the group. First, the heavier female lies on the kitchen counter and spreads boysenberry syrup on her genitalia whilst the lighter one pins the male on the floor below. The heavier one then rolls off the counter onto the male, positioned so that her genitalia is directly adjacent to his mouth. The lighter of the two then gets atop the counter and performs a "flying elbow drop." This step is repeated until the male can muster enough energy to scream the Luxembourgian motto "Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn!" loud enough for the neighbors to hear and contact the proper authorties.
Chevitz: "Oh mine gourd i merely escaped by thine skin of mine dentals!"

Roscwaltz: "Escaped whet mine lad?!"

Chevitz: "T'was the Luxembourgian Waffle Flop mine dear friend. Thine fat bitches nearly concluded mine life with such!"

Roscwaltz: "Aye."
by Macho Man Randy Sandwich January 01, 2011
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