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A style of music geared towards pretentious university/college idiots who think they are hip and original by listening to boring, snoozeville music. Many of the individuals who listen to this music feel they are superior in intellect to others. If you dog their music, they will just tell you that you don't get it and that your mind is too small to understand. Most indie scensters are snobbish and think that they are some type of musical elite. The reality is, college kids get sucked into this music because they feel they are finding a new identity that makes them different than the other "brainwashed, money humping, corporate idiots" because they really can't define themselves as a person.
Indie dude1: "Hey man. I saw Matt Pond PA the iother day. It was awesome."

Indie dude 2: "Yeah man. Matt's lyrics are so genius; they're almost counter-cultural."

A normal, sane person: "Indie music is boring and retarded. You all are just college snobs looking for an identity because you have none and no personality!"

Both indie dudes: "He just doesn't understand man! His mind needs to be freed."
by Maccadio May 25, 2008

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