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An archaic book of nonsense which crazy people use as justification for their murderous or barbaric deeds.
Person 1 : "I feel like doing something crazy tonight, but I need justification"

Person 2 : (Hands person 1 a copy of the Koran) "Here ya go buddy, close your eyes, pick a page and then pick a verse. That imaginary Allah dude will be stoked that you're dumb enough to go to jail for this shit".
#crazy #islam #allah #muslim #barbaric
by Macbeth the Wonderslave December 02, 2009
Personal lubricant (usually flavoured and/or scented) which can also be smeared onto a woman's lips and used in lieu of lipgloss.
"Shit, Othon...my lips are chaffing after giving you bj and I left my chapstick back in Australia. Would you hand me the lube-gloss?"
#lubricant #chapstick #lipgloss #lippy #lube
by Macbeth the Wonderslave November 30, 2009
A name given to a freebie penis often worn by newbies on Second Life.
"Dude, put your freenis away. That thing isn't attractive"
#penis #freebie #second life #sl #cock
by Macbeth the Wonderslave November 30, 2009
Reaching sexual climax (orgasm) by masturbating to something of a sexual nature involving another infront of a webcam (on skype, msn etc).
"I felt so dirty and ashamed. He flopped his cock out on cam and the next thing I knew, I was rubbing myself. I had a mega skypasm".
#orgasm #climax #skype #masturbation #webcam
by Macbeth the Wonderslave November 30, 2009
A course of action which has been given the 'stamp of approval' either by the Koran, some other islamic text or an islamic sheihk.
Waleed : " Aaliyah will you marry me?"

Aaliyah: : "I would Waleed, but you already have a wife!"

Waleed : "It is okay my dear. I can take more than one wife. It's totally Allahfied".

Aaliyah : "Awesome! I accept!!"
#allah #approved #koran #islam #sheihk #muslim
by Macbeth the Wonderslave December 01, 2009
A turd (seemingly with a mind of its own), which refuses to be flushed, for fear of god knows what. It sometimes intially appears to have been successfully flushed, only to reappear at the worst possible time (such as when your mother in law needs to use the lavatory).
Othon : (storms out of the lavatory, pointing in the general direction of the offensive odour arising from the unflushed turd). "Who was the dirty son of a bitch that left THAT in the toilet?"

Liz : (shrugs) "No idea what you are talking about. I had a number two, but I didn't just leave it in there. I flushed it"

Othon : "Either you're full of shit (figuratively AND literally) and you don't know how to flush a fucking toilet, or this is just another one of your post-flush surprises. Either way, I am not impressed. My shit does what it is meant to. Why can't yours? Get rid of it!".
#toilet #flush #lavatory #shit #poo #turd
by Macbeth the Wonderslave December 03, 2009
A person who enjoys poking fun at Texans, or Texan lifestyle.
Liz : "Is you going to hunt you some deer, and drink you some beer?" (deliberately laughs like a redneck).

Othon : "Grow up and quit being such a Texist"
#texan #texas #shit stirrer #biased #narrow-minded
by Macbeth the Wonderslave November 30, 2009
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