2 definitions by MacNTurk

A word that can be changed into any form and used to replace any other word.
We totally fernicated Rich in the woods yesterday.

Fern that man for driving so slowly!

I just fernin' stubbed my toe.

Mother Fern!

Oh my god that movie was so fernacious.

The skeeze's outfit is totally ferny.
by MacNTurk May 20, 2005
A person who wears "easy access" clothing such as a front clasp bra or a skanky skirt.
Woah..check out the skirt on that Easy A! She might as well just spread her legs and get at it now!

Hey Karolyn, is that a new bra?
Yeah! it hooks in the front!
Woah..easy A.
by MacNTurk May 20, 2005

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