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A word used by people trying to gain personal information. They usually ask you first, and lie bye either saying they are older or the same age.

Most people say ª this to hide their age, and mask who they truely are. The dumber people give out their town and street adress. Which is usually followed by mail or a doorbell ring.

If you really are going to give out this basic information, make it as general as possible.

asl is sometimes written as: a.s.l, a/s/l, age, sex, location, a;s;l, a:s:l, or a's'l. There are sometimes captial letters and different arrangements, like: a/l, s/l/a, l/s/a, sex, location, and age, or l's'a.

Most of the time people know the person's sex, but people like me make it as fun as possible.

ªGirl who is actually 10: Hey, asl?
Guy: 16/m/florida, you?
Girl who is actually 10: 17/f/California
Guy: Cool

Girl: Hey, asl
Guy: Between 13-18/m/North America
Girl: uhmmm, you're a loser, go **** a **** you *****.
Guy: -_- What's your asl?
Girl: 11/f/4 Jemble Lane Los Angeles, California. Why?
Guy: lmao *signs off or blocks*

Hmm, my screen name might be thecoolestguy54,
yet she asks: Hey, asl?
I sometimes say: 93/m and f/Mexico
Which is followed by blocking, flamming, etc.
by Mac the Boy September 19, 2005

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