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Great rhymesayer, with deep meaningfull lyrics. I saw this man hit up a blunt onstage cause he just couldn't give a fuck.
"Jerk off into books and bring life to words.."
by Mac Linton July 10, 2005
meaning, you should come by my house so we can fool around.
After the girl accepted the invitation from Nick, she had no idea that chilling would involve taking off her top.
by Mac Linton August 10, 2005
The smell of your sack after a day of masturbating without washing yourself afterwords. The lotion smell stays on the scrotum and gives of a distinct smell.
I delayed my bj for fear that she would smell my day after balls.
by Mac Linton May 19, 2005
When someone gives you the "Go ahead"
I didn't know if she wanted to leave with me, but she gave me the green light to go ahead and ask.
by Mac Linton July 15, 2005
Like a quickie, when your relaxing with your girl and feel like getting it on. Usually around the house in random spots.
My parents left for the weekend, and all we did was just lounge around and had grab sex.
by Mac Linton May 23, 2005
a "permanent grin" which one can only achieve through being in a totally different dimension (usually through use of peyote, lsd, and is definitely popular with shrooms)
guy1: so herd everyone went trippin this weekend, how was it?
guy2: it was great, everyone was real chill, paul's dumbass had a stupid perma grin that he couldnt wipe off and he didnt say shit the whole time. Hes such a sleezebag.
by Mac Linton June 24, 2005
What you say when your going to attend a party.
Hey bro, wanna catch a movie tomorrow night?

Nah man, I can't, its pizza night tomorrow.

by Mac Linton May 13, 2005

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