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2 definitions by MaTrIx

The best fucking game ever invented. Players choose either "fronthand" or "backhand" and their partner slaps them across the face, either fronthand or backhand. First shown in the Key and Peele skit, "Fronthand Backhand."
"Yo Tyrell."
"Yo Lawrence."
"You wanna play fronthand backhand?"
"Yo man, I don't know that game."
"Hey man, it's simple, dawg. All you gotta do is say fronthand or backhand!"
"Alright, fronthand."
"Ooh man! I got you good! You know that funny."
by MaTrIx April 02, 2013
crazy guy who wanders around the world scaring small children
Watch out! There's a wild booga booga in the forest
by Matrix March 25, 2004