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An asian who is born in America and speaks english and follow american customs as well as also some Asian customs. The foinky can be an American and also like asian music or watch asian shows and follow asian culture.
Yo! You hang wit fobs or twinkys?
Iono man...I'm a foinky. I chill wit fobs and twinkys.
I like rap/rock and some asian artists. I'm cool wit asian or american shows. I can also speak english or jap/korean/chinese etc...
by MaStA Chi February 22, 2007
This expression is used from another asian who doesn't like a fob.
Similar to how a person says "vamoose" or "leave now"
Yo bitchass f.o.m.b. (fuck off my boat)
Meaning...get the hell otta here!)
by MaStA Chi February 22, 2007

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