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This is use as an abbreviation for "Shake that Ass, Girl".

S : Shake
D : Dat
A : Ass
G : Girl

Could be also used as STAG, STAB (Shake that Ass Bitch" etc.
Chat Room
Boy : Hey girl, open ur webcam and sdag
Girl : Sure, u'll go made when u see my hot sexy as!
Boy : Well, v'mon go ahead sdag!

and many other examples
by MaNiC MoE June 21, 2007
Short name fore "I am at home". The "@" stands for the "at" and "H" for "home".
I know, we're becoming lazie and MORE MORE lazier to write simple phrases.
A : Hey wut up, dog?
B : Nting really.. jst chillin'
A : k, cud ya com n' meet me at da park?
B : Nope!
A : Y, were r ya?
B : @h havin sex wid my girl, g2g
A : Luky... I'm commin 2 watvh, lmao
B : Peace, nw go, it' gettin really hot!
by MaNiC MoE June 23, 2007
An abbreviation for "Nothing to Say". It's used to show that you're speachless. Instead of shutting the hell up. You write it.
A : Hey, you're in deeepshit bro
B : Huh? Why? How? When? WHAT?
A : 00100 u jerk!
B : sdfu, wtf did I do 2 u?
A : You've been dateing my gf...
A : U'r dead cuz I'm gonna kua!
A : C'mon speak 4 yaself blondy
B : n2s
A : Off cource...

za fight goez on...
by MaNiC MoE June 23, 2007

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