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Noun: Deciding between the lesser of two evils. Ie: Skeletor or Krang
Oh great, another election. Which crook should I vote for?
by m_kitsune June 15, 2004
-An event held annually in the province of "Strong Badia", It involves such acts as rock band Limozeen and dangerous stunts involving tires.
-A game involving Chicken nuggets and cash prizes.
"Thrill as the Cheat attempts to jump over the king of town eating SYRUP!"
by M_Kitsune June 21, 2003
(n) An item Shanked by Homsar in several games. See also Jenga Jams
"You Shanked my Jenga Shiip"
by M_Kitsune June 21, 2003
1(pl. n)Items frequently lost by Homsar
2(pl. n) innapropriate game references by an idiot.
3(pl. n) a mysterious secret code
"heeeeeeey tubs, i lawst my Jenga Jaams."
by M_Kitsune June 21, 2003
Stupidity is relative to the IQ of someone's head. Henceforth, if someone is stupid in their head, they obviosly are either as stupid or stupider in their butt.
"Strong Bad got an 'A' in Butt Algebra"
by M_Kitsune June 21, 2003
one of two teams from the 1980's Nintendo game Tag team wrestling.
by m_kitsune July 16, 2003
A slightly alcoholic drink found in glass bottles that can be measured by it's "coldness properties"
Oh man, now that's a nice cold one!
by M_Kitsune June 21, 2003

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