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also refered to as Master of Puppets, MasterOfPuppets, or m0p.

(n)Refers to a person with a self induced Megolomania cause by fanatical love of Linux, feverant dislike of all computer related Windows, and an anomolous knowledge of technology. m0p's have a tendancey to talk about theory's or paranormal or conspiratic things. often things like Chem trails and military bases miles under major airports come up in conversations.

(v)to completely show up someone with an apperently huge intelect.

(v)To pawn the booty of a particular genderless thing named ZombieLoffe.

(v)To act in a way that will cause others to call you a homosexual with no accuall reason to other then your behavior.

(adj)britishlike with extra snobieness.
I just had m0pX show me about this tech stuff.

ZombieLoffe just got m0p'd
by M_Gargantua December 21, 2005
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