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4 definitions by MWBishop

A person who uses excessive behavior to be considered for a job or promotion. Most serious and next in the series : brown-noser then ass-kisser then turd-licker.
My efforts of getting the promotion by being a brown-noser as well as an ass-kisser to the boss were outmatched by the actions of the turd-licker in our organization.
by MWBishop June 28, 2010
Extra underpants needed in case of an emergency.
While on a business trip last week my companion accidentlly crapped his pants - good thing he packed anunderspare.
by MWBishop June 26, 2010
Spotting and discoloration of a toiletseat's underside resulting from backsplash.
The backsplash stains were almost impossible to remove after yesterday's severe case of diarrhea.
by MWBishop June 26, 2010
Illness produced by overexposure to flatulence particles (farticles) or odors.
Several people were hospitalized after being diagnosed with spraydiation sickness as a result of today's baked-bean eating contest.
by MWBishop June 26, 2010