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A pet ferret.

Ferrets slink around down on your carpet and bite your feet as you walk, much like little sharks in your carpet. This is especially true if you have a very small ferret and very tall shag carpet.
My carpet shark is an albino. He also keeps hiding my keys in the mattress.
by MUCHAS SMOOCHES August 21, 2004
Mathematical genius who is also Vice-President of the Internet. He enjoys periodic hooliganeering on the Internet. He also insists that a person "CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT."

Some sad furries dislike Stiv, but this is because they are jealous that he is flunking kids out of college while they haven't even been to college.
Stiv left a mean comment on my deviant art cutting wrists now :(
by MUCHAS SMOOCHES August 21, 2004

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