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Kiaras are usualy really chill people. They are the coolest people once you get to know them. Although, they put this wall up to new people they are some of the nicest people in the world. They know how to crack the perfect jokes at just the right time. They can make you laugh no matter what, when your sad you can count on them to cheer you up, and make you laugh. Kiaras give some of the best advise, so whenever you need help you can look to them. Even though they are sweet hearted people, they really dont care about much. they let life throw whatever it wants at them without breaking a sweat. Always looking for fun, Kiaras tend to get into trouble for taking chances at trying new things that they probly shouldnt attempt. With no fears of getting into a fight, they stand up for what they belive in. They wont let anybody get under their skin easily, and deffinatly wont let people boss them around or use them in anyway. Plus, Kiaras tend to be verry pretty, and have a nice body due to being very athletic.
Emily-You know that girl kiara? She seems like a really mean person
Jenna- Shes really not, once you get to know her shes really funny and a good friend.
by MTVfreak(: January 08, 2011
Anna's are usually semi pretty girls. Normally never act there age and try to be older than they actually are. Whereing to much make up, coming onto guys easily, and short shorts, make most annas into a slut. Most where bronzer so they look orange, and stuff there bras. Known to become prosistutes when an adult. Although, you can rarely find some of the nice annas. they have a nice heart, many friends, and are honest and trust worthy. you may not find this type of anna but they are out there.
Kristina-woahh that girl is faker than jwowws tits!
Nicole-yahh thats anna.
by MTVfreak(: January 08, 2011
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