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A poutine made with an onion ring base rather than the typical pomme frites base.

Originated from Alto Restaurant on Avenue du Parc during the great winter carnival of '14.

Thought to have first been ordered by a clan of McGill scholars clad in forest green.
"Bonjour/Hi, I'd like to order the best poutine on the menu!"

"Oh! You must mean the Catherine poutine!"
#the catherine poutine #poutine catherine #the catherine #ccnw #la catherine
by MTL11 November 03, 2014
Engaging in some sort of ridiculous behavior with a guy.

If you hear that your friend is about to Pull a James Franco you can be certain that there is going to be an interesting story to hear in the morning.

Doesn't have to end in bringing someone home, but the possibility is very likely.
"I just got a text from Anna at the bar."

"Says shit got crazy when we left and she is going to pull a james franco."
#wheeling #pimping #stunting #winning #savage
by MTL11 January 21, 2012
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