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Breaking something by accident and then either hiding the evidence or fleeing the scene.
I accidentally broke one of my wife's really nice dishes last night. Fortunately, we had a dinner party going on so I just pulled a break n ditch and denied I knew anything about it.


My friend was downtown the other night and leaned too hard into a plate glass window on Main Street and it busted on her! She went for a break n ditch. Who could blame her, she works there!
by MTJMZ August 07, 2009
When someone with lack of experience or a sharp knife attempts to carve a turkey. By using very quick and repeated strikes on the bird they manage to pull and cut small chunks of white and dark meat instead of the beautifully sliced traditional serving.
Did you see Tommy struggling with the Turkey? Ya I felt bad, I wanted to help him out. He was giving that Turkey the Karate Carving beat down!
by MTJMZ December 17, 2009
Passing out after sex before removing a condom from tool.
I was so drunk last night I fucked a fatty and not only passed out in her bed but didn't even take my condom off. Talk about some serious drain pain the next morning followed by a quick exit before her roommates could see me!
by MTJMZ August 04, 2009

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