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n. cross between a donkey and a camel. this is a new slang word that is used as an animal metaphor because of the traditional donkey and camel stereotypes. a donkey is lazy, does no work, and is probably one of the most useless animal species known to man. a camel, on the other hand, has qualities of being an unconditional bitch. in other words, the camel will allow people to ride on its back with minimal complaints (and minimal water feedings). if a donkey and a camel were to have a lovechild, a new species with a combination of the above named characteristics would be born - a lazy bitch. thus, metaphorically, rekin refers to just that - a lazy bitch. to be used when insulting a bitch like human being who is lazy and does nothing but sit around or loiter (or rather, linger).
No wonder my company is sinking - I have a bunch of rekins working for me.

This idiot wants to sit around and laugh all day. I wish the rekin would do something productive.

My wife does no work during sex; I have to do everthing. What a rekin!

Go make like you're doing some productive work so you're not perceived as a rekin.

by MSheraz86 July 05, 2006

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