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Minnesconsin is the area of far-western Wisconsin that is really close to Minneapolis/St. Paul. About half of the people from this area are originally from Minnesota, and the rest are from Wisconsin. Either way, the people of Minnesconsin go to Minnesota for pretty much everything that isn't groceries or booze, especially clothes, employment, and the airport. The cities of Minnesconsin especially include Ellsworth, Hudson, New Richmond, Prescott, River Falls, and Somerset. Although far from Minneapolis, Superior can also be considered part of Minnesconsin due to its proximity to Duluth. Minnesconsin is a very common place for Packers/Vikings border battle disputes. Lots of people from Minnesconsin are even fans of both the Packers and the Twins, illustrating how this region has many things in common with both Minnesota and Wisconsin. The typical town in Minnesconsin will have a good mix of Packers/Vikings fans.
At an office in Downtown Minneapolis:

- "Wow, you have quite the commute!"

- "Yeah, I'm from Minnesconsin."

At a Twins game:

- "Why the hell are you wearing a Packers hat here with your Twins shirt?"

- "I'm from Minnesconsin. I love the Twins, but the Vikings are trash. Go Pack, go!"
by MSPeast October 21, 2010

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