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A Tigress is a hot ass 40+ year old woman who's in her prime and fashions the look of a 25 year old and fucks like a tiger in heat. She not only is beautiful, energetic and adventurous int eh bedroom but also in every day life.
She is hot, hot hot.....and no one best mess with her she definately has her shit together and overall that is what attracts men to her when she is on and off the prowl....she releases a pheremone which drives them wild from her sheer exotic and sexy ways.
She is not a MILF nor a Cougar, but a class of her own, Only certian women get to be a Tigress and she as well as others know a Tigress from any other beast, Wild Cat or suggested category, she is unique and one of a kind woman that are hard to come by and few and far between an all natural beautiful woman.....She roars when she wants to be heard...........
"Check that Tigress out, she is one hot mama, can you smell her scent and see her exotic look??"

"The Tigress has got her shit together and carries herself very sexy!"
by MSGARBO January 14, 2010

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