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By far the most power person in any high school. Who does the principal go to when he can't solve a problem? The school shop teacher, that's who.
Often seen driving the bitchin'est car (or Harley) in the school parking lot, and the only teacher who gains more respect from the students, the more crazy and weird he acts. In fact it's a job prerequisite to say and do things that make the students say, "what the fuck did he just say/do?".
The power of the shop teacher even extends outside of school and into the community as he conducts his normal activities. For example, parking his vehicle anywhere, anytime, is always allowed as long as the, "It's OK, I'm a shop teacher!" sign is hanging in his windshield.
When I grow up, I want to be a shop teacher.

Not even Chuck Norris could beat his high school shop teacher in a fight.
by MR_Mangler February 09, 2010
The often aspired to, but nearly unattainable drunkenness stage which follows the one in which you believe everyone is your best friend, yet you're 2 seconds away from taking swings at all people around you.
I knew I was Neufy drunk when all I could slur out was, "III'mmm just jjjokiiing", over and over again.

Let's go get Neufy'd!
by MR_Mangler February 09, 2010
An argument between two or more stubborn people (or groups of people) over trivial facts or insignificant historical events. The situation often will slowly degenerate into a loud spastic game of cards being played into the wee hours of the evening, never actually resolving the initial disagreement.
On rare occasions the opposite may happen, beginning with the card game and ending with the argument.
I took the wife and kids over to Grandpa's this weekend, but after dinner a Manweiler broke out, and we might never get invited back.
by MR_Mangler February 09, 2010
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