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(slang) Voluntary intervals of time within the workplace used to measure non-performance of job functions whilst still receiving houry stipends for said functions. Gropper-time may be practiced in groups or independently.
"Fuck, look at my shitty paycheck...let's get some Gropper-time tonight, yo."
by MRDURDEN January 10, 2008
A fuck slut that gets treated to a lavish Mickey D's Food Fest as either a reward or an advance for sexual relations. Rules are quite simple: 1. Sex 2. More sex 3. Dollar Menu (5 items or less). The order of these rules is irrelevant, but each must be completed and the 5 items or less caveat keeps a bitch in check.
"I saw Bert at the McDonald's drive thru with some random."
"He fucked her?
"She's a Dollar Menu Bitch. She either got it, is getting it, or both."
"Wonder if she'll get a salad?"
"It'll get tossed."
by MRDURDEN February 23, 2014

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