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a word to desrcibe a person who does douche like and fag like things at the same time
dawg why the f*ck would you do that your such a douche-mic-fagitron.
by MR.crazyness34 April 26, 2009
a place where all douches go atleast once in a life time
hey douche #1 did you go to douchebagantis today no i couldnt make it haha wow your f*cked
by MR.crazyness34 April 26, 2009
a person who is notoriosly known for owning at almost everything
dud you are a such a beast at football
by MR.crazyness34 April 26, 2009
not only something every straight guy worships but also a person who is suckish or whimpy or afraid of everything that may get them hurt,in trouble,or maybe killed lol
dude you are such a pusssaaaayyy!!!!!!
by MR.crazyness34 April 26, 2009

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