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If soamazinglyuglyandnotattractiveFEMALEandwakesmewanttovomit were a real word... THATS what Saggin' would be.
"Get that Saggin' girl off my Property before I get the Firehose!"

kfghkdfhgiuh...I just puked alittle from that Saggin' thing over there."
by MR.Tpain July 08, 2009
a word used when one particular non funny person tried to create the NEXT BIG WORD to compete with SICK, or ILL for the dominance of the word meaning awesome
guy 1 - "Man last night was sick!"
guy 2 - "I know it, totally Ill"
guy 3 - "You guys must mean GROSS, bc im the MAN!"

everyone in crowd - "Nope, not at all you turd"
by MR.Tpain July 08, 2009

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