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A mixed drink that contains booze... A mixture of Vanilla Coke and Rum.... Brings out the taste of the Vanilla and makes if even better... Makes the presence of the rum harder to find...
I got a little drunk last night drinking the van. coke and rum but no one knew what I was drinking to get that way.
by MR.E October 14, 2004
When a woman doesn't like receiving flowers after an argument with her partner..... that said partner will buy her a movie in place of the flowers.
Brooke was a total d*ick all day, and to apologize she got Tessa a flovie!! Also meaning that a flovie is a movie instead of flowers!!!!
by Mr.e March 27, 2015
1. physco bitch

2. see SLUT
class Ms. Contreas couldn't be here today, she had to go screw an old guy...
by Mr.E December 15, 2003
The Midwest version of Crunk/Hyphy
Shit mayne that dudes whilin out
Chea he's Dexin
by Mr.E November 12, 2004
1. Gay, Silent, and/or Smelly animal of the "Hobo" genus.

2. See Hupah
look! a wild Thigpen!..... LET'S KILL IT!
by Mr.E December 15, 2003

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