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32 definitions by MR. X

French word meaning "to clear the caterpillars off of" Let's see you try and find a better word than that!
Il fallait, main, boucher l'entonnoir et, de lubrifier les petits conduits, sarcler le terroir et greffer le sauvageon, écheniller et provigner tout à la fois.
by Mr. X December 02, 2004
A more affectionate way of calling someone a retard or a douchetard. Meant as an insult, but not as a serious one; often used between friends.

Inspired by Couche-Tard, the Canadian convenience store chain. "Couche-tard" is French for "night owl", literally meaning "goes to bed late." But because of its similarity in sound to the English insult douchetard, "couchetard" was converted into an English-language insult with a meaning similar to douchetard but less offensive -- even bordering on affectionate.

Also "couchetarded", adj.
He's my best friend, but let's be honest, he can be a couchetard sometimes when he's not thinking.
by Mr. X April 04, 2005
Another word for Homosexual or someone who is gay using the Cleveland Hardcore slang "ario" made famous by Pitboss 2000. See also wiggario, jockario, nerdario.
Yo look at that kid with the Rod Stewart Haircut, what a faggario.
by Mr. X August 22, 2004
a word used to describe someone who is a nerd using the Cleveland Hardcore "Ario" made famous by Pitboss 2000.
Yo man, look at that skinny ass emo kid, what a straight up nerdario.
by Mr. X August 22, 2004
When someone on the internet who is a stranger brags about their accomplishments that mean nothing at all.
person 1-How many concerts have you seen? I've seen 100!

person 2-How does this matter? It's pointless dicksizing.
by Mr. X October 15, 2008
A word to use to describe the art of a woman giving you head when youre telling your boys about it and you dont want the girl to catch on what youre talking about. Its the language of the Blowjob, word made famous by John Lockjaw of Pitboss 2000 and PC Deathsquad.
Bro last night back at my house, she straight up gave a lesson in Beejanese.
by Mr. X August 22, 2004
short version of "ex-Mormon"

a person who has given up the beliefs of the latter day saint religion

Bob: "Hi, my name is Bob, and I'm a recovering exmo. I've been lds-free for

three months now."
Everyone: "Hi Bob!"
by Mr. X March 29, 2010