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Battle is the Core system of Hiphop.

you battle on the Mic (Rap)
you battle on the floor (Breakdance)
you battle on turntables (Turntablism)
you battle on the wall (Graffiti)

When you find yourself competing using any one of these you are a true hiphop head not the shit talking, preaching muthafucking backpacker.
you talk to much shit!!! lets BATTLE THEN BITCH!!! wha?? where ya going!! hahahahah homeboy is all talk and no skillz.

by MR GRAFFITI ROCK February 27, 2004
Inner City/Hiphop slang.

when a graffiti area (An Out of the Public Way) gets completly painted over removing all graffiti marks. done by buffs
Damn, the whole area been white-washed, I guess Ill just go join a gang and Murder people and sell dope.
by MR GRAFFITI ROCK February 27, 2004
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