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well my boy if you wanted to divide a community that had started to integrate nicely by wasting our money bombing an oil producer then saying some hurricane had caused the oil shortage!one of your local councillours once told me you were the best we had!to economic migrants and the 2nd rate gw bush maybe!you have done more to hurt relations than oswald mosley and ah have ever done in the name of money!oh dont forget while anti war sites were being banned-noraid sites were still running!was it u.s. c4 used on the mulberry bush pub in birmingham?or has that been forgotten?
hi mr bliar!or should that be blair? keywords?batty bwoy,subservient,twat,anyone suggest a few more?
by mos September 13, 2005
The act of creating a new feature or product without management's knowledge or consent.

Usually in response to customer feedback that management ignored.
Bob: Geez Sue! This customer has a really great idea for our product, but I can't get our product manager to put it on our roadmap.

Sue: No problem Bob. We'll pad time on a another feature and ninjaneer it. They'll never know the difference.
by MOs April 06, 2012
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