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a word that expresses great frustration or angerment
Oh farfenflooger! I ran out of toilet paper!
by MOoshkinana November 21, 2004
A word used to announce good news, or happiness. Also, it may be used to be just plain annoying. Also may be used as Mooshkinana skiina yuha.
"Mooshkinana!!! I got an A on my test!!" or " Mooshkinana skiina yuhaaaa!! Joseph just had kittens!!"
by MOoshkinana November 21, 2004
an extremely cute cat named Joseph Morten.
Oh little nunas, come here baby boy.
by MOoshkinana November 21, 2004
1.) A beeny baby that is in the form of a cat,that is very cute.

2.) A form of movement, where you sort of leap around, but a lot non-stop. annoyingly kinda.
1.) My favorite beeny baby is Prance.

2.) Quit prancing around me!!!
by Mooshkinana February 24, 2005
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