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4 definitions by MOoshkinana

a word that expresses great frustration or angerment
Oh farfenflooger! I ran out of toilet paper!
by MOoshkinana November 21, 2004
12 3
A word used to announce good news, or happiness. Also, it may be used to be just plain annoying. Also may be used as Mooshkinana skiina yuha.
"Mooshkinana!!! I got an A on my test!!" or " Mooshkinana skiina yuhaaaa!! Joseph just had kittens!!"
by MOoshkinana November 21, 2004
3 3
an extremely cute cat named Joseph Morten.
Oh little nunas, come here baby boy.
by MOoshkinana November 21, 2004
2 4
1.) A beeny baby that is in the form of a cat,that is very cute.

2.) A form of movement, where you sort of leap around, but a lot non-stop. annoyingly kinda.
1.) My favorite beeny baby is Prance.

2.) Quit prancing around me!!!
by Mooshkinana February 24, 2005
7 19