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7 definitions by MORTY

Lol except volcano style!
Steve: I have no dick!
by MORTY October 17, 2004
191 54
What an oriental person says to you when he is pissed... and doesn't speak good english.
1. Fahkyu dum ahmeriken.
by Morty October 20, 2003
30 5
A noun. 1. Used to describe an Italian person. 2. General insult 3. The Italian World War II Regime.
1. He is such a greasy wopdago.
2. Martha Stewart is a wopdago.
3. Them wopdago's invaded Africa.
by Morty October 20, 2003
26 5
Trappiste beer from Belgium
One of the few beers that you enjoy while it knocks you out
mmh... Chimay
by morty February 10, 2004
18 5
Biggest jew alive
1. I hate Martha Stewart.
by Morty October 20, 2003
69 67
1. In the territory of Puerto Rico, a person who performs the work of the automated backhoe which we use in this country.
2. Word used to describe a manual labor person who is paid minimal wages and performs backbreaking work.
1. The Puerto Rican Backhoes were sent to Boston to work on the big dig.
2. Bob is nothing but a Puerto Rican Backhoe working for that construction firm.
by Morty October 20, 2003
18 35
throw violently
the pigs gave chase, so we lashed broken bottles at them.
by morty February 10, 2004
6 24