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Small electronical device that causes major distress in rich girls lives. If lost it could cause her to show paranoid schizophrenic behavior. It will also cause her mom to scold mentally handicapped kids and call them "immature."
"Mom! They took my cell phone! I thought they were my friends!"
by MOJOE April 21, 2005
A kind of police officer that wants to shred the constitution with his SHREDOMATIC4000. This type of cop walks into parties and points his gun at people's head and gets them to confess to drinking cider. This type of asshole will even strong arm poor innocent girls into admitting that they wrote their name on a case of beer.
Holy shit Kyle! There is a kroz outside yelling, "I'll kill every one of you fuckers unless you tell me who brought the beer! There's no beer fairy around here!?!?"
by MOJOE April 21, 2005
The 24 oz. is a move where you take a 24 oz. soda bottle and stick the cap in a girl's pussy. You then step back and soccer kick it all the way into her vagina. She'll pry like it.
I did the 24 oz. on Wade's mom. She screamed like a raped ape, but then she started moaning.
by MOJOE April 21, 2005
A type of fagot who only comes around to say perverted things and flirt with guys. A mojoe would do something like bribe girls into flashing him or pay a girl to show a little asscrack. He forces girls to drink beer just so he can get some mad pussy. One of his techniques is jumping on girls while they are laying on Mill's floor.
He just pulled a mojoe and got that girl to show us some nipple.
by MOJOE April 21, 2005
A moment of extreme joy after driving your Z06. Usually acompanied by a discharge of drool over the left part of your lower lip.
I had a Zgasm while driving my Z06 after my MY/ Blk this afternoon. I've got the new LPE Magnuson Supercharger.
by Mojoe October 14, 2003

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