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When someone tries to pass as heterosexual (married, kids, etc.) but everything about them screams homosexual. Perhaps the person knows that he/she is gay but is denying his/her impulses (for whatever reason). Or, perhaps, they are not in tune with their inner gayness and do not realize their true nature.
I would swear that my hair dresser, Jack, is gay. However, he's married with a kid. I still swear he's gay. I guess he's heteroquestionable.
by MOchick November 02, 2006
Term used to describe someone who is a mix of both rural (country) and urban (metropolitan) lifestyles/upbringings. He/she is typically equally comfortable in both settings and is able to seamlessly slip back and forth between the two, appreciating the characteristics of each.
That ol' gal of mine drives the 12 lane freeway during the week and a John Deere on the weekends. She likes opra and the Grand Ol' Opry. I love them countrypolitan women.
by MOChick November 07, 2006
Term used to describe the downward mood spiral that accompanies the hormonal changes that come with PMS. Usually this mood involves feeling that no one likes you, you don't fit in, you're not good at your job, you're misunderstood by everyone, etc. In other words, you feel like crap.
I went home from work crying the other day because I realized that I suck at my job and no one there likes me. I've never fit in anywhere and I've always been misunderstood by everyone.

(A week or so later): I feel great! My period is finally over! I do a great job and everyone loves me! Hey, all that negative stuff I felt must have just been (the) cockabooby!
by MOChick November 07, 2006

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